Our mission is to share as much as we can with you. Here you can find two resources, a Digital Branding Guide and a Brand Sprint Guide. Feel free to download them, and use them in your next project.

How a brand turns into visual identity

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Digital Branding Guide download

We have created this Digital Branding Guide to give you the 4 key elements to make a digital brand, screen-compatible. You never know on what platform your/ or your client’s brand and its visual identity will appear in the digital space next. So you better get prepared! Follow my instructions written in the ebook, and your designs will be screen proof all the time!

Brand Sprint Guide download

I put all the exercises and templates with crystal-clear and detailed descriptions, which were also used by Peter Knapp. Promising you, after reading this you will be able to conduct a complete Brand Sprint all alone with any of your clients.

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