Branding and The Visual Response

Branding and The Visual Response
Branding and The Visual Response

My Mission With Branding and The Visual Response

Let me ask you this.
Have you ever felt like you’re just mindlessly executing client orders with certain projects? Do your designs look great… but lack a “pro” strategy behind them? You might be stuck at what I call the level of the “executor”. Instead of being an equal partner to your clients – a consultant – you get orders, and you execute them.

You feel like you have no word against their plan. Many graphics designers are stuck at this level. I’m sure some are okay with it, but many of us want to rise above this level and do something more. The problem is there is no good information on how to take that leap.

I, too, struggled a lot. I wanted to have more control over my projects, I wanted to be more creative, and of course, I wanted to charge more. I wondered what the greatest, most respected designers have in common. What separates the million-dollar designer from the guy on Fiverr who will design a logo for $200? They will come up with more aesthetically pleasing designs, of course.

But there’s something even more important. That is: Strategy & Branding. Branding and The Visual Response will teach you this missing piece, and allow you to take the leap onto that next level.

My Name Is Peter Sher, And I Wrote This Book.

When I first fell in love with graphic design, I was still studying to become an architectural engineer.

As I began my career as a designer, due to my lack of design education, I had to face countless difficulties, figuring out everything on my own. Since then, two decades have gone by. I have built my own design agency, through which I and my team have worked with some of the largest brands in Hungary.

I’ve been teaching web design and UI design at multiple schools and universities, leading the UI/UX design department of the Budapest-based Krea Design School, and now, I made it my mission to reach and help even more designers.

One of the key concepts I was missing when I started out and that gave me headaches was having a proper strategy behind the visual identity I designed for a client. I wrote Branding and The Visual Response as an aid to those designers that are struggling, just completing orders for their clients instead of being creative…

To the designers that are stuck at the executor level, not getting the compensation and recognition they so deserve, and to the ones that want to level up. If you’re in that place right now, this book will change the course of your design career forever.

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