Personal branding from a big gun – We went to Chris Do’s workshop

If you already have your brand, you might ask, how can you make all this your own? Here is the gist for you, these are the most important things to think about if you are thinking of personal branding.

Personal branding from a big gun – We went to Chris Do’s workshop
Peter Sher with Chris Do in Barcelona

It's always a joy to participate in a workshop that provides frehs knowledge. Chris Do from The Futur did an excellent job with this in Barcelona, and we received valuable information on the topic of Personal Branding that can benefit you as well.

I was lucky enough to take part in this useful and interesting workshop, and we wouldn’t be brandguide, if we wouldn’t offer you our experiences.

It’s also special for us because The Futur aligns with Brandguide in their vision and work, and what they know we can realise here at home too. Although the road is different, our values are similar.

The tour had many stops, but the most useful from the workshops were Business Clinic and Personal Branding. I was interested in personal branding, personally, so I got hooked on the latter one.

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Who’s Chris Do?

He’s a celebrity, a role model for me, always a little out of reach, but now I had the chance to talk to him in person, to pick his brain.

Chris Do has been a successful business owner for 22 years, and he’s the founder of The Futur that aims to distribute knowledge that equips people to live off what they love. Currently, he’s the chairman of the board for the SPJA, and as a sales advisor.

He had numerous awards and lectures – if you are interested, you can check yourself on the website of Futur.

It’s obvious that he is a true professional, and the fact that his energy and stage presence stayed the same during the 8 hour workshop just attests to this.

He has a personality that’s familiar from the get-go, and he held a fun, creative and exciting workshop. He’s a rare treasure.

What was the workshop like?

Since Chris Do’s personality attracts the whole marketing industry, copywriters, graphic designers and strategists were all participating in the workshop. After all, brand building is for everybody.

People were coming from all over Europe, so the workshop had a very special atmosphere.

Despite having 70-80 people in the room, there was an instant connection in the audience.

Let’s see what these 8 hours were about!

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